Fresh Air Ventilation Systems In Our Budapest Apartment Rentals

Fresh Air Ventilation - Central Budapest Furnished Long Term Luxury Apartment Rentals - Beck Real Estate Kft

Almost every Beck Real Estate flat has a 24/7/365 PassivHaus certified ventilation system. Fresh air is continuously brought into the apartment, humidity maintained within strict limits, and the air itself filtered. These white air filters will turn black with dirt in six months and then the system will automatically shut itself down and notify us that they need to be replaced. The system itself is temperature neutral – in the winter heat is transferred from the warm air leaving the apartment to the cold entering it and vice versa in the summer. In contrast, ordinary ventilation systems warm up residences in the summer and cool them during the winter. Not a good idea and one that leads to extra costs. Our ventilation systems cost the tenant only a few Euros in electricity charges to operate each month. This system gives the apartment an airy feeling similar to that found in a courtyard while enjoying the greater comfort of an enclosed property. The result is a higher quality of life for our tenants. The system also protects the rental itself from humidity damage.

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