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This 106 square meter, two bedroom upscale flat was featured in the August 2016 edition of Hungary’s leading interior design magazine, Deco Octogon. The apartment is fully furnished and renovated . It includes two bathrooms, spacious living room, kitchen, dining room, and a clothing storage. This beautiful luxury rental is located in central Budapest near the Oktogon (a major public transport hub) and the UNESCO site of Andrassy Avenue. The flat is on the 1st floor of a 19th century Imperial style building with elevator. The refurbished courtyard is yellow and white. On sunny days it is exceptionally pretty.

This long term apartment rental offers superior quality of life.  It has high performance inverter-based  central air conditioning. Exceptionally quiet and powerful, the unit uses 30% less electricity than standard technology, is quite intelligent, and doubles as a back up heating unit. In addition, there is a Passiv-Haus certified fresh air ventilation system. It brings fresh air into the flat 24/7/365, filters it, and expels stale air from the apartment. And it costs virtually nothing to operate. Unlike standard technology, it does not heat up the apartment in the summer or cool in the winter. It is temperature neutral.  The kitchen includes a refrigerator, dish washing machine, clothes washing machine, gas timer stove, microwave oven, toaster, coffee machine, and a full complement of cooking, eating utensils and dishware. All appliances are in fitted cabinets as well as all utility meters. This flat has high speed Internet access via cable and WIFI. Download is 30 megs and up is 2 megs. We are considering upgrading to a 120 meg download speed and 20 meg upload. There is also an Internet ready Samsung television and a Blue Ray DVD player.


Customer service is our strength. Beck Real Estate Kft, the luxury apartment’s owner, has its main office only 150 meters away. In addition, a property management company provides backup emergency service with access to an electrician, plumber, and boiler repairman. We place great emphasis on regular maintenance and an annual upgrade. We are constantly looking for ways to cost effectively improve the apartment rental.

Property Details:

Basic Information
  • Address: 85 Király utca, 1077 Budapest, Hungary.
  • District: 7th.
  • Building Level: 1st Floor.
  • Elevator: Yes.
  • Size: 100 Square Meters.
  • Bedrooms: 1. (Dining room could be a second bedroom.)
  • Bathrooms: 2.
  • Dining Room: 1.
  • Living Room: 1.
  • Kitchen: 1.
  • Furnished: Yes.
  • Rent (1 Year Term): 1500 Euros Per Month; Rental Price Schedule
  • Common Costs: 16100 HUF Monthly.
  • Available: May 26, 2016.
Physical Details
  • Floor Plan
  • Custom Designed Storage Cabinets: Both kitchen and hallway lined with cabinets. Also wine bottle racks in kitchen. Hallway storage space includes coat racks, movable shoe racks, and clothing bins.
  • Height of Ceilings: 3.8 meters.
  • Windows Facing Street and Courtyard: Four large and three small facing Király utca. No courtyard view.
  • Window Performance: Triple glazed with U value = 1. Blocks most street noise.
  • Showers: 2.
  • Bathtubs: 1.
  • Toilets: 2.
  • Bidets: 1.
  • Floors: Ceramic tiles and matted parquet on a concrete foundation.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation System: Dantherm PassivHaus Certified Wall Unit. Continuously operates and filters.
  • Central Air Conditioning: No.
  • Security Alarm Motion Detection System: No.
  • Balcony: No.
  • Original Features: Some, particularly antique kitchen tiles.
  • Internet: 120 Meg Downloads.
  • Ironsmith Wrought Entrance Gate: Yes.
Appliances and Equipment
  • Stove and Stove Top: Yes, Both Electric
  • Dish Washing Machine: Yes. Front Loader.
  • Refrigerator: Yes
  • Microwave Oven: No, but can be added.
  • Toaster: No, but can be added.
  • Clothes Washing Machine: Yes.
  • Boiler: Remeha Condensation Boiler.
  • Iron and Ironing Board: Yes.
  • Ventilation System: Dantherm Continuous Fresh Air Wall Mounted System.
  • Air Conditioning: No.
  • Internet Router: Cable and WIFI.
  • Internet Smart Television: Yes, Samsung 48J5500.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Yes, Top of the Line Miele Brand.
  • Elevator: Yes.
  • Courtyard: Renovated 10 years ago.
  • Facade: Renovated 2 years ago.
  • Architectural Style: Late 19th Century Imperial Style.
  • Parking: Off site underground parking with guard for fee. Three blocks away.
  • Wallpaper: Yes, kitchen and living room.
  • Original Features: Some, including high ceilings, antique kitchen tiles, entrance door.
  • Fold-able Kitchen Table.
  • Spacious Kitchen.
  • Each Room Has At Least 8 Power Plugs And Two Data Outlets.
  • High Definition Internet Smart Samsung Television.
  • High Ceilings: Yes, 3.8 Meters.
  • Quiet: Yes, very quiet due to the high performance windows.
  • Bright: Yes, during late afternoon.
  • Air Conditioning: No. future project.
  • Underground Parking With Guard For Fee: Yes.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation: Yes. Air turns over minimum 4 times each day. Maintains humidity in narrow range and filters dust and other solid particles.
  • Professional Interior Design: Yes.
  • Custom Made Furniture: Bench, small table, and three refurbished antique chairs
  • High Quality Parquet and Tiles: Yes, Concrete Foundation.
  • Double or Triple Glazed Windows: Triple glazed windows.
  • Wall Lamps: Kitchen, hallway, bedroom, both bathrooms, and living room.
  • Wine Racks.
  • Foldable Kitchen Table.
  • Jacuzzi: No.
  • Interior Garden: Yes, illuminated with lamps at night.
  • Iron Smith Fashioned Entrance Gate: Yes.

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